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not, the space where his stubbornness and you will firmness did the absolute most ruin try the partnership together with his son

Since a dad, he had been the epitomy out-of stubborness and you may caring. From the event, “Choosing The Dragon”, he stated which he had invested their expereince of living on the Berk and you will is calculated making it a much better put. He had been trying to discover a professional and suitable captain to operate this new community if it are their time for you to step-down, due to the fact present in “Throw Away, Part step 1″ therefore the second motion picture when he asserted that Hiccup will be good captain. Stoick’s prevalent slogan was constantly the needs of all the surpass the requirements of some of the, and therefore is actually a strong however, reasonable ruler.

This, but not, as well as gave your the flaw of being rather close-minded and you can inflexible, that have an effective not enough perspective. He had a tendency to do things the easy, “Viking method” and you will dismiss choice, whether or not it absolutely was in the course of time detrimental. Also, he was extremely stubborn and you will head-solid, so it is hard for someone else to improve his attention when mode to your a specific movement. It absolutely was simple for him locate distressed otherwise psychologically riled up, hence, in addition to the the latter qualities, usually lead him and then make hasty and you will unaware decisions when he consider what he was doing are right, ignoring the advice regarding even people the guy top the absolute most. (altro…)