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Since someone discussed how to handle this dilemma, Kaito reassured men and women, saying that he would manage Maki

The next morning, Kokichi achieved everyone in the “Greatest Son Caregiver’s Search Laboratory” just to come across certain guns all through the fresh new research, demonstrating one to Maki was, indeed, the greatest Assassin, not a kid caregiver. Kokichi seemed to agree, telling men to leave Maki to help you him. After ward, new Monokuma Kubs turned up, usurped the dad’s part just like the headmaster, and you may given out a whole lot more circumstances towards students to help you open new section in academy.

One of the locations where turned unlocked are the latest eerie 4th flooring. Kokichi try in search of both of the research Labs you to definitely became unlocked upwards around, the greatest Anthropologist’s, while the Greatest Artist’s Lookup Research. While Shuichi and you can Korekiyo had been talking in the latter’s research, Kokichi all of a sudden barged within the, took the latest gold-leaf katana regarding its monitor circumstances and you can tested it, sharing that it was a real knife. This annoyed Korekiyo, just who angrily threatened he would tear out a perfect Finest Leader’s nervousness in the event the the guy failed to place the katana right back. Kokichi unfortunately complied, telling your he did not want to make particularly terrifying risks. After, he would meet up with Shuichi facing Angie’s research, questioning as to why it actually was locked. Once the Kokichi was about to-break in using their lockpicking feel, Angie all of a sudden unlocked it from inside and you may anticipate her or him for the. Kokichi and you will Shuichi each other examined the latest research, towards previous being interested in the primary and why exactly so it lab needed a great secure. This new Monokuma Kubs and you may Angie each other stated that it’s because Angie is only able to work with individual and therefore, requires a switch on her research. (altro…)