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Lugo next created the Jesuits’ scientific method of legislation and you will morality however, often cannot avoid the dangers out-of casuistry, that is certainly from the laxist thinking of many Jesuit ethical theologians

The third Jesuit just who blogged a profitable treatise Into Justice and you will Correct are Juan de- Lugo, a cannon lawyer of the education, just who proceeded to become a teacher of theology at Collegio Romano prior to becoming authored cardinal by the Pope Urban VIII (r.1623–44) when you look at the 1643, the year pursuing the book out-of their Disputations to your Fairness and you can Correct ( Disputationes de- iustitia ainsi que iure ). 83 Which have Molina and you can Lessius the guy shared an intensive information not simply various categories of law and their application so you can qualms away from conscience, however, the guy also got a huge insight into the true doing work out of lifestyle, particularly for company and you can financial circumstances. 84 In the Notitia iuris belgici , by way of example, the brand new jurist Francois Zypaeus (1580–1650) in the Southern Netherlands advises lawyers to learn Lessius manageable to discover the best analysis of monetary process utilized by merchants and lenders within Antwerp Bourse. 85 In regard to form and you may blogs, Lugo seems to be greatly in financial trouble to Lessius, even if they are certainly not a servile imitator. 86