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The truth about so-called “Sunni Islam”, you to their wizards won’t reveal. | Current dos Sunnis

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  • “Saudi” Arabia; County Organized Shia Muslim Genocide
  • A list of Sunni in order to (Shia) Islam Turns
  • The new Sunni Gulf Royalties; Pills, Intercourse And you can Liquor
  • Bahrain; An unbarred Air Concentration Go camping Into Shia Muslim Bulk

This article is a follow through on the topic of your Oppression Of females Inside (Sunni) “Islam”, having focus on the correct idea of nikah (eng. .

There are only two legal ic sunnah (Prophetic traditions) the Holy Quran; nikah (eng. marriage) and nikah mutah (eng. temporary marriage).

And legitimate for you are [all others] beyond such, [provided] that you find him or her [in marriage] that have [presents off] your home, desiring chastity, perhaps not illegal sexual intercourse

And [in addition to banned to you personally are typical] partnered lady except those the right hands possess. [This will be] the latest decree out-of Allah through to your. (altro…)