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Footnote 13 “Likely” is the expectation you to entry by the one of several consolidating organizations do occur

dos.ten Competition is significantly stopped when good merger permits brand new merged firm, unilaterally or perhaps in dexterity along with other firms, so you’re able to endure materially high cost than just perform exist regarding absence of one’s merger because of the impeding the introduction of forecast future battle. It generally speaking is when there is absolutely no otherwise limited direct overlap between the consolidating firms’ established people, however, head competition between men and women enterprises are anticipated to produce otherwise boost in the absence of the newest merger.

dos.eleven During these products, the Agency examines whether, missing the newest merger, punctual entryway otherwise expansion Footnote 11 from the often of one’s consolidating firms would likely exist into an acceptable level sufficient reason for enough range to cease incumbents off working out market electricity. Footnote 12 “Timely” implies that such as for instance entryway will have happened within a good several months of your energy, given the qualities and character of markets under consideration. (altro…)