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Evolutionary theorists has revealed you can issues for which homosexuality may sign up for reproductive fitness regardless if lesbians and you may homosexual men don’t have people themselves (Mohr, 2008)

The three first attachment activities -avoidant, safer, and you can ambivalent -seem to be utilized in the people where accessory education had been conducted. Cross-social education with the connection want big investments for the researchers. The main question is if or not attachment idea is a heart-group Western invention and no benefit to other cultures, otherwise whether or not their universalist direction are confirmed inside the non-Western childrearing affairs. They haven’t yet refused the latest challenging conjectures regarding attachment idea from the the fresh universality and you can normativity out of accessory and you may from the its antecedents and you may sequels. In reality, taken as a whole, the studies are remarkably consistent with the concept. (altro…)