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I leaned into this relationship style in a variety of ways

At first this will probably feel pretty awkward. It felt that way for me. That’s okay. Being a beginner at anything is awkward and clumsy. It’s okay to behave and feel like a dork at times. That really isn’t a problem because even the experienced people went through that phase before, so they recognize it in others. Just do your best to accept that this is a phase you must move through. Be okay with the awkwardness. There’s no need to resist it. If you accept it, you’ll learn faster. I can very much respect people who come across as dorky and clumsy but also open-minded and eager to learn. In fact, I probably respect them more than the experts; the beginner phase is a place of great honor.

Leaning Into Openness

Like attracts like. We attract or repel others according to the energy signature we broadcast. If you have negative judgments about non-exclusivity, if you fear being judged for expressing interest in this lifestyle, or if you have limiting beliefs about it (such as believing that it’s too difficult to find good partners), then you’ll have a hard time stepping into this reality. (altro…)