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If you state, dirig-kur-s^elizabeth, you are saying ‘beyond the individuals mountains’. The new kur-s^age in such a case ways ‘those mountains truth be told there within view’, so the presenter claims ‘exceeding or more than people mountains there’.

Furthermore, a prevalent Center Eastern ancestry of your own progressive population of your own marshes from southern Iraq means when your Marsh Arabs is descendants of the old Sumerians, along with the Sumerians were most likely autochthonous and never out-of Indian or South Far-eastern origins

>I am writing a papers towards Jesus, for an approach class. I am seeking confirm >that the development tale try a narrative towards birth off an individual, every single >every one of united states try our very own God. I have see all of Zecharia Sitchin’s instructions >and you may accept that just what he composed could be real, but I do believe your real >globe is an expression of your collective internal or religious globe. I’m >interested off how you will change – Nibiru. I have used the dictionary and you will >more ones and you can Sitchin means it as “The planet out of crossing”. I have >the planet or body part not this new crossing. I think you to definitely perhaps this has >one thing to manage having a turning down of your own bodily in order to equal the brand new spiritual. >You are going to one become probable?

The lovestruck new Sumerians was indeed smart on moral and practical questions, however, I really don’t believe that these people were as conceptual as you are now being. Neberu was an Akkadian word, perhaps not an excellent Sumerian keyword. They described a river crossing, ford, or an excellent ferry (boat). (altro…)