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Shortly after magma keeps formed from inside the earth, their composition may be altered

Extremely magmas was mostly silicate h2o, authored largely out-of silica tetrahedra which have not even fused along with her to be silicate vitamins. Brand new chemicals constitution regarding an igneous rock confides in us concerning the supply of one’s magma, starting with which kind of rock dissolved when you look at the world to mode brand new magma in the first place, as well as how strong on the earth the latest melting occurred. Vitamins can be develop throughout the magma and independent from it, altering brand new chemistry of one’s left drinking water. Otherwise, one to muscles away from magma can be combine which have other who may have a good more constitution.

Magmas have various compositions, regarding rich in silica and you can poor and you can metal and magnesium (felsic) so you can modest for the silica and you will high in iron and you can magnesium (mafic). Felsic igneous stones, total stone, tend to have light colors otherwise tones: white, red, light brownish, light-gray. (altro…)